SUGI™ SUGI IS JAPANESE CYPRESS – Cryptomeria japonica is Sugi in Japanese and is a monotypic genus in the Cypress family indigenous to Japan. It is often called Japanese Cedar and is utilized primarily for construction lumber due to high rigidity and quick drying. We specialize in the Hachiko variety used specifically for siding in Western Japan. Our Sugi is milled and graded for maximum durability in exterior applications and to showcase the inherently beautiful grain.

SUYAKI™ STAGE 1: BURNED – Suyaki is the most traditional and easily recognizable of our yakisugi “shou sugi ban” products. Due to the thick, hydrophobic, UV-inhibiting soot layer, Suyaki has the best wood and color longevity as well as incredible fire resistance. We apply oil prefinishes to solidify the soot layer, making installation easier, minimizing blemishes, and preventing soot from coming off when touched.

GENDAI™ STAGE 2: BRUSHED ONCE – Gendai is the most commonly specified yakisugi “shou sugi ban” surface for exterior applications. A light brushing process knocks down the heavy soot layer and leaves a smooth, silky appearance. The burnt fiber crevasse shadows are subtle, and Gendai can either be installed with or without an oil prefinish.

PIKA PIKA™ STAGE 3: BRUSHED TWICE – Pika-Pika is made by passing the yakisugi “shou sugi ban” planks through a second wire brushing process that removes all loose soot from the softer spring growth rings and leaves the late wood as contrasting burnt ridges. It is a topographic, textured surface that follows the wood grain, and we hand-grade after surfacing to achieve a consistent blend of heartwood and sapwood.



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